Friday, 29 January 2016

Shellac manicure at home

Bluesky gel nails using UV lamp. 

Investing in a professional manicure set - one of my best decisions yet!

The Bluesky shellac kit was recommended to me by one of my friends. I deliberated for about a year and eventually asked for the kit for Christmas 2015. I am someone who always wants to have perfect nails and often looks at other people's nails. It's very expensive to get salon manicures regularly and I get really frustrated that normal nail polishes look beautiful on day 1, but chip as soon as I go to the gym. Being able to do gel nails at home is the perfect answer.

Cupcake Pink and Silver Glitter Explosion
The biggest item in a Bluesky shellac kit is the UV lamp, mine is from Mylee (available on Amazon). After applying base coat, gel polish and top coat, I have beautiful gel nails that look exactly like salon nails! Each coat takes 2 minutes to dry under the UV lamp.

It's also really important to prep and look after your nails properly. Instead of scratching off my Shellac manicure to avoid paying a nail bar shellac removal charge, I now use the proper solutions to remove gel polish. I also apply cuticle oil each time I finish a manicure, and moisturise my hands if I have moisturiser nearby.

The shade that came with my kit is Grapefruit Sparkle, a shimmery pale pink. I have since ordered the shades Red Beam, Goldfish, Nude, Frozen Palace, Silver Glitter Explosion and Cupcake Pink. Bluesky gel polishes cost around £5.50 and so are excellent value for money. I have found that they do last for 14 days, provided you use a base coat and top coat and file your nails well.

Let me know if you use any other brands of gel nail varnish, I'm looking for new ones to try out!

With love, Tania xo


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