Thursday, 31 December 2015

Refresh your skin on a budget - Montagne Jeunesse face masks

A great value treat for your skin. 
I have been reading a lot about celebrity beauty treatments lately and wishing I could afford those nourishing, anti-ageing face masks. Then I was shopping in London and some face masks caught my eye at the till in Primark. At ninety pence, yes £0.90 each I decided to give them a try. I recognised the Montagne Jeunesse branding as I had seen it before in Boots, so I knew it was a reputable product.

Coconut Crush face mask 
The first three masks I picked up were "Cool Mint Peel Off", "Coconut Crush" and "Candyfloss Scrub". As it is mid-winter in England and my skin is dry at the moment, I tried Coconut Crush, described as a "creamy hydration sensation to moisturise skin". Perfect.

After cleansing my skin, I applied the face mask. I would recommend doing this in the bathroom (as opposed to in your bedroom) as it's surprisingly messy! The sachet contains a little less product than I expected, but there is just enough to cover all over your face. I had kept the mask overnight on my dressing table, but it had an immediate cooling effect on my skin, as if I had just taken the mask out of the fridge. The mask smells delicious, and although it does feel abit weird on your face, that's all part of the fun.

I had never used cucumber slices on my eyes before so I was excited to try! I found it hard to keep the cucumber slices on for more than a few minutes as it was so tingly. I think these were more effective for refreshing the eye area than any of the eye creams I have previously bought!

I waited 15 minutes before I washed the mask off. My skin did immediately feel smoother and my complexion was noticeably brighter. I'm not sure how long these effects will last, but as the masks are so inexpensive, I would recommend doing a couple each month to keep your skin hydrated.

The mask definitely reduced the redness of my cheeks
and left me with even fresh-looking skin
Cucumber slices refresh the delicate eye area
Far less expensive than eye cream!

Montagne Jeunesse products contain natural ingredients and are vegetarian friendly. They have apparently had trouble with people mispronouncing (or simply avoiding pronouncing) their name, and so have recently rebranded as 7th Heaven. Personally, I prefer Montagne Jeunesse, but c'est la vie. Their products are still great and they are a cruelty-free company. Their extensive range caters for oily, dry, sensitive and combination skin. I now intend to try one of their hair masks as I am growing my hair, I'll let you know how it goes!

If you use any other great budget beauty products, I'd love to know what they are,

With love, Tania xo

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